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Flyy Style: Johnny Cupcakes East vs West: Battle of the Big Kid Emcees T-Shirts

Just when I thought the east vs west coast hip hop battle was coming to an end, Johnny Cupcakes adds more flour to the batter with the release of the East vs. West: Battle of the Big Kid Emcees T-Shirts. Johnny Cupcakes’ mascot, Big Kid, is transformed into iconic rappers Biggie, who reps the East, and Tupac, who reps the West. Seeing these rap legends as the rosy-cheeked, pot-bellied mascot simmers the beef and makes peace of the situation. You can pre-order your t-shirts here.

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Happy Birthday Tupac!

Since you will see a million Tupac tributes today, I’ll just leave you with the funniest scenes from one of my favorite “hood classic” films, Poetic Justice.

For those who have not seen the film, here are the deets:
Justice (Janet Jackson), a beautician, is going to Oakland for a hair show. However, on the day of the show she finds out that her car battery is dead. Justice then confides in her friend Kesha (Regina King) for help. Kesha informs her that her boyfriend, Chicago (Joe Torry) and his homeboy, Lucky (Tupac) are headed to Oakland for business anyhow and suggests that she catch a ride with them. BUT what Justice does not know is that Lucky is the flirtatious mailman who advances her everyday he drops off mail at her shop. This is what happens: