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Meet ‘n’ Greet: Indigo Charlie

Indigo Charlie is the epitome of The Pearl Mic motto: Be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant.

While most 19 year olds are trying to figure what the heck they want to do with their lives, this curly-haired, tambourine lovin’ beauty, has her career blueprint mapped out. Her resume already reads like a veteran: Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) Visual Communications student, Solange Knowles’ former personal assistant, public relations assistant, stylist, and singer/songwriter. Indigo learned at an early age that success comes with hardwork, dedication, consistency and being “fly” at all times.

We were more than thrilled that Indigo took time out of her busy schedule to share the secrets of her success thus far.

The Pearl Mic: You became familiar with the music industry as an assistant; now you are on the forefront. What have you learned so far as a musician that you would not have learned as a celebrity assistant?

Indigo Charlie: First, I want to say thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I am really appreciative of your time. When it comes to the music industry I’ve actually been around it my whole life. When my dad was alive he had his own record label and my mom has been in the industry for almost 20 years. My mom’s co-workers would always see me in the office and the older I got the more I wanted to intern and be apart of the industry. Once I was old enough, my mom, a publicist, started taking me to her shoots, red carpet events, award shows… etc and I would hand out press packs or help with whatever was needed. I guess you could say I was her assistant before anyone else. Hard work, loyalty, confidentiality, and quick thinking would definitely be the main things I learned over time from my mom, which definitely helped me when I started working for other people.

TPM: I’ll Never Change is getting decent traction which makes people want to hear more of your music. How is the Debut EP coming along?

IC: The EP is definitely coming along great. I have a different process than some, so I’m going a little slower with it. When it comes to my music I’m very particular when it comes to the feeling. I’ll do a take of a lyric 100 times if the feeling isn’t right. And sometimes I love the feeling the first time I sing it… some of my lyrics end up being from my demo take. My second song “On The Edge,” produced by The CoStars should be out late January. It is in the mixing process and will be accompanied by a beautiful video we just shot with photographer Carmen Chan who directed the Never Change remix, “I’ll Never Change.” I’m very excited to share it and I hope I make people feel even more this time around.

Indigo with music producers, The CoStars

TPM: How are the record labels reacting to your music?

IC: The reaction to “Never Change” and “I’ll Never Change” has been amazing so far and the labels have an eye open, but they also want to see consistency, growth and more than one song, so right now they are saying, “Get a couple more songs recorded and let’s talk. We are watching you.” It really is a blessing to receive the recognition I have off of one song, which most people don’t know is my first song EVER in life. Before “Never Change” I had never heard myself on the mic or recorded in a studio, so I’m still on a cloud unable to believe it all. It’s amazing and I’m so appreciative. This is what I’ve always wanted to do, and now I’m actually living it.

TPM: The tambourine is one of the prominent instruments in your first single, Never Change. In a previous interview you stated that the tambourine is your favorite instrument. What drew you to it?

IC: Awww, my love for the tambourine…it makes me smile every time I hear it. I love the tambourine because it’s the truest form of beautiful sadness. Such a beautiful sound the tambourine makes, but it can make the saddest song feel even sadder in a different way than maybe a low chord on the guitar would. The tambourine, to me, is more suggestive and almost a surprise when you hear it in a sad song, especially because most recognize the tambourine as a happy instruments that you dance and shake to. I find it so fascinating and the fact that I can play it and never be wrong is a plus.

TPM: You seem very confident and sure of yourself. How do you maintain a strong sense of self and happiness in the music and fashion industry on a daily basis?

IC: I was really lucky to discover who I was and what I wanted to be at a younger age than most, so I definitely think that now I’m comfortable. I move through life knowing the moves I want to make and what makes me happy and I take steps every day towards those goals. I work very hard toward my future that makes me happy. When you find what makes you happy and what it takes to stay happy, you tend not to put yourself in situations that would alter that. Honestly, finding myself has helped me stay focused. I am on a path and journey that no one could alter but me; I am in control of my surroundings and self.

Image by Carmen Chan

TPM: How do balance your love life along with your busy schedule?

IC: I don’t balance it, because it is nonexistent (laughs). Right now, I’m in love with the journey I’m on and that doesn’t mean there is no place for a hautesauce boy, but for now he just isn’t a priority. If he comes along and knocks me off my feet, I’ll find a way to work it all in… I’m not looking for it, I’m not running from it either though.

TPM: The Pearl Mic motto is to “Be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant. Give us your perspective on what it takes to be a bold, beautiful and brilliant woman.

IC: I love that. I have a similar motto “Be beautiful. Be pure. Be fly.” It’s even part of a tattoo I have… When it comes to being bold I would say it takes speaking up and expressing what’s on your mind in a classy manner. When it comes to being beautiful I believe it starts with the insides and eventually your outsides will be contagiously drop-dead. When it comes to being brilliant I think it takes out of the box thinking, dedication and hard work, which anyone could do if they truly desire to. Everyone can “Be bold, beautiful, and brilliant.” It’s definitely a choice.

Image by Carmen Chan

TPM: In our opinion, you could be a rockstar, run a record label, launch a clothing line or head a top notch fashion publicity firm. If you could choose between those four, which would you choose?

IC: Doing it all is my plan. I’ve always had that mentality “If you’re not doing it all, then you’re not really doing it.” My plan is to share my soul with people through music and have a rewarding fashion career. Picking one is not an option. I can have it all.

TPM: What advice would you give someone who feels hopeless–like their dreams will never come true?

IC: Pray on it. If you’ve arrived at that place and stay stuck in it your dreams will never come true. The devil is a liar! Your dreams can and will be your reality. Hopelessness is a dream killer, don’t allow that feeling to stay within your heart for a minute longer. Keep positive. Believe. Trust. Never stop trying.

TPM: Lastly, we have to show our fashionistas and fashinistos some love. As an aspiring trendspotter, what trends do you foresee being hot this spring/summer?

IC: During my time at New York Fashion week, I saw a lot of neutrals on the runway. The colors were definitely soft, clean, refreshing, and airy. Along with neutral colors I saw a lot of layering and long flowing fabrics, which I found interesting because a lot of the time people start to get shorter and shorter in preparation for summer. So, fashionistas and fashionistos bust out your neutrals, long thin sweaters, and maybe try a long wide leg trouser. Beautiful girls, throw on your favorite stilettos–the higher the better is my belief–and rock any style YOUR way. Individuality will never go out of style.

Maybe we should add motivational speaker to her list of accomplishments because we are definitely inspired. Get updates on Indigo Charlie here:

Twitter: @IndigoC

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