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Janelle Monae says, ‘I don’t believe in doing drugs, I feel like I am drugs’ in Recent Interview

I don’t believe in doing drugs, I feel like I am drugs.” – Janelle Monae

We like that Soul Culture is taking a stand for mental health with their #OKNotToBeOK campaign. In SC’s latest segment, singer-songwriter Janelle Monae expresses the importance of asking someone for help and what sparks her creativity.


Photo of the Day: Rochelle Jordan


All she needs is one mic! Singer-songwriter, Rochelle Jordan shares this candid moment with fans.



Photo credit: Rochelle’s Tumblr
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From Her Perspective: Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas

Lianne’s response to her experience growing up bi-racial (Greek-Jamaican).

“This subject really interests me. I knew that I was brown, let’s say, but I never felt like I belong necessarily to any racial group. At school, there would be a lot Muslim girls hanging out with other Muslims and a lot of African and Jamaican girls hanging out together. That was never my thing: to be part of a group that you’re the same as. A lot of it was music related too, like goths and grunge kids. I was with the group that wasn’t with any other group. It had an African girl, some very English girls, a Bangladeshi girl, and it didn’t really matter. We all knew where we came from, we knew our parents were from different places, we just thought that we were all hilarious and we hung out with whoever we thought was the funniest. Doing what I do now and seeing the plethora of creeds, colors, and religions I’m reaching with the music I’m making—it’s amazing. This is going to sound cheesy, but I think the beauty of music is that it doesn’t see color. The kind of music that I’m doing comes from many different worlds. I like to think that it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

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From The Pearl Mic Inbox – New Music by Freddy Hefner {Stream}


Freddy Hefner,22, calls herself a “Strapper.” First image that comes to mind is a gun-blasting vixen, but no, it simply stands for “singer-songwriter turned rapper”. The Los Angeles native just graduated from St. John’s University, and plans to display her versatility as an independent artist. She recently sent us a couple of new tracks, “The Come Up” and “Imaginary Friend,” from her second EP, Time Machine.

The Come Up

Imaginary Friend

Covers, Music Break

Remix Wednesday: Jeni’s Wildfire (Originally by SBTRKT ft. Little Dragon, remixed by Drake)


We are launching a new feature here at The Pearl Mic called Remix Wednesdays. We will highlight talented ladies who covers or remake a song; or as we like to say, flip good songs to their liking; making it their own. We decided to kick off RW with Jeni (Jenny Suk), a singer/composer who remixed SBTRKT’s “Wildfire” featuring Little Dragon & Drake. In the video, Jeni remakes the beat from scratch, and covers Little Dragon and Drake’s verses pretty good.

Listen to the original:

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Tanya Lacey Exudes Pink Whimsy ‘Greatness’ in New Video

“This life is what you make it…I wouldn’t trade places or flip the name and faces/destination is greatness.”

The visuals for Tanya Lacey’sGreatness,” the first single from the Head Chef EP, shows a pink and blonde haired Tanya walking through a flea market carefree as she shares her opinions on having no regrets in life. This self-empowering track is very far from corny — it’s one of those songs that you need to have on repeat on those down-and-out days. You know, those kind of tracks that makes you wanna pat yourself on the back and shout the lyrics outside your window? Yeah, it’s that kind of song.