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Video of the Week: Rochelle Jordan’s Follow Me


“Follow Me’ is the kind of track that you’ll have replaying while on a late night drive. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Rochelle Jordan constantly releases songs that really jam out. Most of her songs have hard beats, and when coupled with her soothing vocals, you’ll find your neck snapping. Here is the visual of the track:

Ear Treat

Ear Treat: Rochelle Jordan’s Why So Serious aka Interference Remix by Flying Lotus

Check out Rochelle Jordan’s take on Flying Lotus’ track “Interference” with “Why So Serious.”

Ear Treat

The Wait is Over! Rochelle Jordan’s LP P R E S S U R E Has Arrived {Stream + Download)

If you are still an R&B believer like us, then you must listen to Rochelle Jordan’s LP P R E S S U R E. I’m talking lush beats; courtesy of KLSH, coupled with her charming vocals makes this a let-my-tape-rock-till-my-tape-pop kind of album. It is also impressive that the Canadian vocalist, wrote each song on the LP, which explains why tracks such as “Losing” and “You Ain’t My Man” and “Too Long” had us giving her virtual high-fives along with a couple umm-hummm girls in between. Give P R E S S U R E a listen; tell us what you think, and if you like it, download it.