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Video of the Week: LOLO’s Year Round Summer of Love

“From now on I think you are gonna see a lot of me…”

Lolo sashays through Coney Island’s famous amusement park during off-season shut down and gets crazy at her favorite Brooklyn studio – Shabby Road for the visual of Year Round Summer of Love, which was made of 1,350 stills.

Year Round Summer of Love was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by legendary hip hop knob twiddler Mark Batson (Dr Dre, Eminem, Jay Z) who produced the bulk of Lolo’’s forthcoming debut album, ”Weapon For Saturday”.

Year Round Summer of Love is out now.

Special thanks to Charmfactory

Music Break

Rachel Claudio Opens Up Her “C.L.AUDIO Diary” {Video}

Rachel Claudio eloquently explains her ups and downs as an hip-hop/r&b singer, composer and producer in her latest video diary.

Her mixtape, C.L. Audio, is so funky. It has the right amount of edgy soul, delicious beats, and harmonies that keeps your head bobbing. Please press play if you have not heard it yet.

Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week: Baauer – The Man Behind “Harlem Shake”

If you are constantly on the internet, you’ve probably seen a ton of Harlem Shake videos by now. After watching plenty of them myself, my first question was, who created that beat? I found out the man behind the trap-hip-hop-electro track is Baauer.

When I first heard “Harlem Shake” I thought of a particular dance that originated in the 1980s (where the harlem shakee does a two-step while shaking their shoulders and hips) making a comeback. Here is an example:

(Skip to the 2:09 mark)

More than two decades later, in steps Baauer, a baby-faced Brooklyn-based producer, who changed the entire meaning of the “Harlem Shake” with his infectious dance track by the same name:

The track is #1 on iTunes Charts, and people are literally going nuts about it. Everyday you’ll find a new Harlem Shake video, usually about 30 seconds long, with people in everyday settings such as a classroom, workplace, home, etc., get into a crazed frenzy when the beat drops in Baauer’s song. Take a look:

Images from Baauer’s Facebook