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If You Love Hip-Hop Then You’ll Love The Film, “The World Is Yours”

“The World Is Yours” is a feature-length documentary on how Hip Hop’s use of the Internet revolutionized the music industry featuring Wiz Khalifa, Lil B, Odd Future and many others, narrated by Issa Rae from Awkward Black Girl. Check out the trailer:

I am proud to say that I had the pleasure of assisting the director, Marguerite de Bourgoing and Hip-Hop journalist, Rebbeca Haithcoat with a few of the interviews. Currently, they need funding to complete the film. Visit the TWIY Kickstarter page to find out more.

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Lucille Ghatti’s Dreamy New Single ‘North Hollywood’ {Audio}

“I don’t like Rap music anymore,” Los Angeles-based upcoming soul singer Lucille Ghatti aka Loud Pack Lucy, blasted on her Twitter profile. That statement comes at time where new musicians such as Frank Ocean and Rochelle Jordan are doing some serious crate digging to experiment with new sounds; making what used to be defined as Hip-Hop and R&B more soulful, rich and daring. The same can be said about Lucille’s latest single “North Hollywood,” from her forthcoming album, High Grade, that boosts a sample of Atlantic Starr’s “Send For Me.” The track, which features Tay “Lux” Walker of Odd Future/The Internet, puts the listener in a Quiet Storm R&B kind of vibe.  Look out for this lady, she has some great stuff cooking.

Photo by trapbrazy