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Watch Emily King’s Colorful New Video “The Animals”

Emily King - The Animals - The Pearl Mic
“Don’t fear.”

We’ve all heard breakup songs or the I-don’t want-to-get-hurt-again songs that left us feeling more depressed after listening to them. Yet, here is Emily King, a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, who somehow makes that I-don’t want-to-get-hurt-again song triumphant with “The Animals”. Upon the second listen (OK, maybe it was the third, fourth, or fifth time, but who is counting?), the listener will discover that she is also talking about not feeding your fears too. Check out the cool, chromatic video:

“The Animals” is from Emily’s forthcoming album, The Switch, out on June 26th

Inspiration Nation

Inspiration Nation: Coco + Breezy Interview with Shameless Maya

Anyone who loves fashion and accessories will definitely fall in love with Coco + Breezy’s designer shades. Their chic and eccentric line has been rocked by some of the hottest singers in the game. Shameless Maya recently interviewed these young ladies – who are twin sisters by the way- to share their inspiring story. Enjoy!

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Must Watch: Kendra Morris Covers Rolling Stone’s ‘Miss You’

Kendra Morris helps a few mature women get their sexy back in the visual for her rendition of the Rolling Stones’, “Miss You.” Her take on the classic track will have your feet tapping no doubt, but you must listen to her entire cover album, Mockingbird. Track after track is repeat worthy. Especially tracks such as, “Space Oddity” by David Bowie and “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd.

Mockingbird is out July 30th via Wax Poetics Records, and is now streaming on .

Inspiration Nation

From Her Perspective: Stori – Singer-Rapper-Songwriter


Stori’s response to how a rapper who is white and female, responds to hostility:

“Well you know what, I’m sure it’s out there, but I haven’t really felt that specific hostility yet. But I think it’s just extra hard because obviously I’m white. And obviously I’m a girl, so it’s like a double thing, you know? I’ve just gotta go extra hard. But I think the music really speaks for itself. I’m not robbing people. I’m not speaking about how you need to hide your kids and hide your wives because I’m about to take everything up in here. (laughs). The stories are in the music. Just because I ain’t been to jail or I don’t have balls, people can connect to the music. So as long as people can find something to connect to, they can hate you if they want to, but they’re still going to talk about it. I just don’t pay attention to that.”

Read the rest of the interview on RESPECT.

Photo from Stori’s Tumblr
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Inspiration Nation: Shameless Maya Creates “I Don’t Care (Frizzy Hair)” Song & Video


YouTube Vlogger, Maya Washington aka Shameless Maya, created an anthem for the curly-haired girls around the world called “I Don’t Care (Frizzy Hair)”. She grabbed a few friends of all hair types to celebrate their varied textures of kinks and curls.

This video comes at a great time for Maya who just shaved off all of her hair to show that beauty is beyond one’s hair.

The song is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week: Baauer – The Man Behind “Harlem Shake”

If you are constantly on the internet, you’ve probably seen a ton of Harlem Shake videos by now. After watching plenty of them myself, my first question was, who created that beat? I found out the man behind the trap-hip-hop-electro track is Baauer.

When I first heard “Harlem Shake” I thought of a particular dance that originated in the 1980s (where the harlem shakee does a two-step while shaking their shoulders and hips) making a comeback. Here is an example:

(Skip to the 2:09 mark)

More than two decades later, in steps Baauer, a baby-faced Brooklyn-based producer, who changed the entire meaning of the “Harlem Shake” with his infectious dance track by the same name:

The track is #1 on iTunes Charts, and people are literally going nuts about it. Everyday you’ll find a new Harlem Shake video, usually about 30 seconds long, with people in everyday settings such as a classroom, workplace, home, etc., get into a crazed frenzy when the beat drops in Baauer’s song. Take a look:

Images from Baauer’s Facebook