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Cool Find: Plart! Original Works of Art on a Dinner Plate


You know that question, if you could invite five people to dinner – dead or alive – who would it be? Well, artist, Jacqueline Poirier aka The Crazy Plate Lady sort of makes that possible. The Toronto-based artist can paint anyone or anything on a white charger plate. You can bring Rhianna, Al Pacino, Ryan Gosling, Martha Stewart, and Morgan Freeman (imagine that dinner party!) to your table with no fuss; or dazzle your dinner table with landscapes or yummy-looking dishes. Her paintings are displayed in the Ritz-Carlton Toronto’s TOCA dining room where she is the resident artist.

To many burgeoning artists, her career launch reads like a fairytale. Four years ago she was hired as a waiter by the Ritz-Carlton Toronto. After Jacqueline had competed in an art competition at the hotel, her intricate free-hand paintings got her manager’s attention. He then requested for her to create custom designs on a few plates.


“The painted plates ended up looking really nice on the tables, so I just went with it! I received really great feedback from guests at the restaurant,” she shared in an interview. “I ended up painting over 120 plates in about two months (all unique and completely different images). They’re now a signature part of TOCA restaurant. From TOCA, I have been able to start up my own “Plart” business, creating custom designed plates for all sorts of occasions.”

Check out her one-of-a-kind pieces at or the TOCA restaurant.

Source: The Chic Canuck
All photos are from Jacqueline Poirier’s Website.