Who is Excited for Issa Rae’s New HBO Comedy Series, Insecure?!

Fans of ┬áThe Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl series knows that Issa Rae has been talking about this HBO premiere for some time now. I am so so so SO overjoyed for this project because I relate to many aspects of her character’s life.

Will you be watching?

Insecure premieres Sunday, October 9th at 10:30pm on HBO.

My Life

If You Love Hip-Hop Then You’ll Love The Film, “The World Is Yours”

“The World Is Yours” is a feature-length documentary on how Hip Hop’s use of the Internet revolutionized the music industry featuring Wiz Khalifa, Lil B, Odd Future and many others, narrated by Issa Rae from Awkward Black Girl. Check out the trailer:

I am proud to say that I had the pleasure of assisting the director, Marguerite de Bourgoing and Hip-Hop journalist, Rebbeca Haithcoat with a few of the interviews. Currently, they need funding to complete the film. Visit the TWIY Kickstarter page to find out more.

Music Break

Music Monday: Allegra Dolores’ Chemistry {Video}

Allegra Dolores

Those of you familiar with Black & Sexy TV’s “Roomieloverfriends” may already know about this cool, laid-back theme song by Allegra Dolores. Finally, a visual has been released.

With the purchase of this track, you are supporting Season 2 of “Roomieloverfriends.”