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Words of Advice: Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding
“People are more used to seeing men who are masters at an instrument than women. When people say, “Oh, she plays like a dude,” it’s usually dudes who are the ones saying it. They’re saying, “Oh, she’s as good as us.” Of course, that’s a stupid statement. It’s totally stereotypical to say, “We have an advantage on this, and if anyone else can do it well, it’s only because they’re like us.” I think more men are starting to learn that this attitude is totally hollow and based in imagination. As more women are involved in music, this kind of thing gets said less and less.”

Esperanza Spalding– 3-time Grammy Award winner, American jazz bassist and singer.

Source: Black Poe Music Tumblr
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Photo(s) of the Day: Esperanza Spaulding Gets Flashy for S Moda Magazine

Glowing skin, afro trim, plunging necklines, and short dresses, Esperanza Spalding shows off her megawatt smile in the photoshoot for Spain’s S Moda Magazine. The Grammy Award-winning jazz musician gives elegant a sophisticated edge. Take a look:

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Esperanza Spalding Reveals Dance Skills in Crowned & Kissed Video

Esperanza Spalding stepped from behind her bass violin and let a bit of choreography do the talking for the “Crown & Kissed” video. The petite singer and multi-instrumentalist, displays how one treats their king or queen, which is through love, kindness, and kisses, of course. She describes the song beautifully:

This song is about the unsung royalty in your life, men and women who quietly, every day do the mightiest, most honorable things. Although they may not end up in castles or with great riches and power, in the eyes of those who love them, they most certainly are mighty and regal.

So sweet!