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Do You Still Listen to Cassette Tapes? Well, Here’s A Short Film About Cassette Tapes

Noisey released a series called A Short Film About Cassettes – You Need to Hear This, to find out why some music lovers have an affinity for compact cassettes. The first film features Jen Long, founder of cassette-only record label Kissability, and Brian Shimkovitz, DJ and founder of blog Awesome Tapes From Africa.

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{Video} DJ Bambi Shares A Day In Her Life


One Beat’s latest episode of “This Is My Life” features House music selector, DJ Bambi, who travels from New York City to Las Vegas to rock a party.

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Crush of the Week: Vikter Duplaix

photo from MAX AGENCY

photo from MAX AGENCY

If the only way to get to know Vikter Duplaix was through his tweets, you would find him to be confident, motivational, charming, hilarious, and curious about love and life. These are all excellent qualities that makes this gorgeous man, singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ our Crush of the Week.

As I was perusing through my Twitter timeline, one of his tweets captured my attention, it said:

My first thought was does he really care? That doubt was immediately casted away when I saw that he responded to his followers’ answers. Not too many people of his status find the time to chat with fans. So, we’ll add humble to his list of characteristics that makes us swoon.

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Words of Advice from Devi Dev, Host of MTV’s Hip Hop POV x Radio Personality

Like us, Devi Dev, host of MTV’s Hip Hop POV and co-host on Sirius XM’s Sway in the Morning, is a music lover, jokester, incessant chatterer and career woman. She is building an empire in a male dominated industry with a million-dollar smile, and still finds time to get married, travel and spend time with her loved ones.

The bubbly Los Angeles native was nice enough to give some quick insight on confidence and love.

Our motto is to “Be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant. Give us your perspective on what it takes to be a bold, beautiful and brilliant woman.

Fearlessness! Be fearless in your belief’s, paths and actions. Not being scared of what people think and not being scared of fully being yourself at all times is what I consider to be beautiful, bold and brilliant about myself and what I find BBB in others.

Also, what tips can you give the single ladies about finding true love?

For single ladies i’d say enjoy being single! Right when I was at the peak of fully loving and embracing being single and quality time with myself…love smacked me across my face. I always found it cliche when people said things like “Love happens when you’re not looking” but I’ve found it to be the truest thing. If I hadn’t been fully comfortable being by myself and in love with myself first…I wouldn’t have been ready for love when it found me. So ladies…enjoy your me time!

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DJ Beverly Bond Featured in AmFam’s Influencer, Dreamer and Achiever Series

Beverly Bond was recently highlighted in American Family Insurance’s Influencers, Dreamers & Achievers series. In this video, the DJ and founder of the non-profit Black Girls Rock, shared  the origins of her career and how she used youth empowerment and mentoring to promote the arts for young women of color.