Coco O, shimmies it up for the visual of “Favorite Star”, the latest single from Quadron’s sophomore album, Avalance.

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Listen: Quadron’s “Better Off”

Quadron collaborates with Kendrick Lamar for “Better Off,” a single from the duo’s newest body of work, Avalanche. Coco O. croons effortlessly over Robin Hannibal‘s smooth R&B laced creation that we are sure will be in constant playback mode on many playlists (including ours, of course).

Avalanche is set for release June 4th.

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Quadron Releases Fun Dance Video for “Hey Love”

Quadron’s charming new video for the track, “Hey Love,” showcases a stylish Coco O., getting her boogie on. Each new admirer signifies a style of dance such as Hip-Hop, Tango and Tap. Tap dance fans will notice identical twin tap dancers, Sean and John’s, appearance. Check it out:

Quadron’s new album Avalanche, is due out June 4th.