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Stacy Barthe Sprinkles A Likkle Reggae Flavor in “Like It Is” {Video}

Stacy Barthe, the gifted songwriter behind the hits of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Britney Spears, knows how to create break-up songs that sound so good; danceable even. Her current single “Like It Is” from In the Inbetween EP, an ode to a steamy relationship that lost its fizzle, is not just another boring love song, and the visual matches the premise. Set on a beautiful island as Stacy portrays a carefree woman over the break-up, she joyrides on a speedboat, frolics in the sun, and smiles all while a photo of her and her lover (which is singer/songwriter Luke James) slowly burns.

In The Inbetween is now on iTunes.