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Lianne La Havas Clowns Ex-Boyfriend In New Visual ‘Forget’

Lianna La Havas’ new video for the single, “Forget” truly makes a bold statement. The London singer-songwriter does a cute, cocky prance down the avenue as the very unpleasant life of a man, who portrays her ex-boyfriend, a struggling guitarist, plays out in the background. In a recent video diary she dished about the meaning behind the song.

“‘Forget’ is my musical response to the request of my ex-boyfriend for me to sing on one of his songs after he’d broken my heart and dumped me,” she said.

Well, what she “forgets” he might surely regret. Successful crooners such as Bon Iver (whom she recently tour with), John Legend (set to tour with this Fall) and Stevie Wonder are enthralled with the gifted singer. The saying, “success is the best revenge” fits perfectly in this case.

Lianne’s debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? is now available on iTunes.

Source: PopCrush