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An Afternoon at Studio Five08 – Beautiful Machine Track & Field Exhibit

I enjoy the summer because not only do I get to leave work early, but I get to hangout in my favorite cities longer to shop, eat, or just browse. A couple Fridays ago, my sis and I hung out in Santa Monica for an afternoon. We like to park, walk, and make rounds to different businesses. We bond and revel in the moment of being tourists in our town. On that day, we stopped by Studio Five08 to see a photo exhibit called Beautiful Machine. Here are some *snaps from my visit:

Here’s David Brady. He’s the curator of Beautiful Machine and a very talented artist. I can also add comedian to his list of talents because my sister and I laughed as he told his very colorful tales of living in Los Angeles.
David Brady
Here’s one of my favorite:
Beautiful Machine Exhibit

In our short chat with David, he said that his team may extend the exhibit to the end of August. Please call to confirm before going though.

*FYI, I am not a photographer, nor am I trying to be. I simply wanted to capture the moment.