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Video of the Week: Rochelle Jordan’s Follow Me


“Follow Me’ is the kind of track that you’ll have replaying while on a late night drive. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Rochelle Jordan constantly releases songs that really jam out. Most of her songs have hard beats, and when coupled with her soothing vocals, you’ll find your neck snapping. Here is the visual of the track:


Photo of the Day: Rochelle Jordan


All she needs is one mic! Singer-songwriter, Rochelle Jordan shares this candid moment with fans.



Photo credit: Rochelle’s Tumblr
Ear Treat

Ear Treat: Aaliyah – Enough Said feat. Drake {Audio}

Last week, Drake stunned fans with a second tattoo dedicated to Aaliyahalong with an announcement that he will produce an entire album featuring the late chanteuse. Regardless of Drake’s lovable obsession, Aaliyah sounds better than ever in the Noah “40” Shebib produced track, “Enough Said.” After giving this song a listen, an Aaliyah-Drake debut, is definitely something to look forward to.

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We Miss You Aaliyah

How is it that Aaliyah is still mesmerizing? Maybe it’s the unforgettable hits and the fluid dance moves. I love this song “We need a Resolution.” It’s not your typical you-did-me-wrong-imma-bust-the-windows-out-your-car┬átype of song. She is communicating with her man and saying hey, let’s resolve the issues going on between us. I think I fell in love with Aaliyah all over again with this video. She had a more womanly look than what her fans were used┬áto and the snake scenes revealed that she is fearless. Dang. I often wonder how the music industry would be if Aaliyah was still pumping out hits. It doesn’t matter because Aaliyah will always be an entertainer on top of our list. Miss you.

-Pearl Mic Team