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A 102-Year-Old Harlem Renaissance Dancer Watches Herself on Film for the First Time

“I used to often say to myself that I am being paid to do something, that I enjoy and I would do it for free.”

-Alice Barker

This story shows two things: 1). There are still kind and generous people in the world, and 2). Being happy makes a person live for a long time.

David Shuff, a videographer, director, and editor spends his spare time volunteering at nursing homes with his therapy dog, Katie. Eight years ago, he met a woman named Alice Barker, whom he heard was a lovely leggy dancer back in the Harlem Renaissance era. She sashayed and shimmied at nightclubs such as The Apollo, Cotton Club, and Zanzibar Club, with legends such as Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.

Sadly, Alice lost all of her memorabilia so she had no access to her work. So guess what this lovely man does? He teamed up with Jazz on Film to track down her footage.

Check out her heart-warming response and stories.

Source: Mashable

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Here’s a Quick, Beautiful Lesson on Black History

“Deep in my heart, I know everything is going to be alright. #AllLivesMatter,” states musician, Raury in the description of his new video “Fly”.

If you could stomach the news over the past year, you should be familiar with the current police brutality cases in the United States. It’s like some sick agenda that’s constantly being swept under the rug.

However, we have talented musicians like Raury and directors like Malia Murray, who team up to create works of art that allows us to reflect and gives us hope. In the visual for Fly, the viewers are given a quick Black History lesson. Through animation, we follow a young black man who hops into a history book to revisit gruesome and glorious highlights in African and African American history from Slavery to #BlackLivesMatter.

Peep the video and share your comments below.

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WATCH: Tamia Brings Grown & Sexy to ‘Sandwich and a Soda’

Tamia has been in the game for two decades and she is still gorgeous, fresh-faced, and classy! Her latest single, “Sandwich and a Soda” shows that the crooner has the voice to handle an upbeat tempo and soul-stirring ballad. With a low-key, small community as her backdrop, she saunters through town in little-bitty shorts professing her love for her boo. The track is from her upcoming album, Love Life.

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Video of the Week: Jhené Aiko’s Eternal Sunshine

Jhené Aiko’s latest visual for “Eternal Sunshine” evoked so many emotions inside of me. Many of her songs do, which is why I believe that she is an excellent singer and songwriter. How she blends beauty, pain, and sadness so seamlessly is beyond me, but what added the extra heart tug was having a music video that reinforces her artistic vision.

Director Jay Ahn did a really great job with this video. He keeps the viewers interested by slowly unfolding the story in bites until you realize that she is still mourning the death of her beautiful brother.

Check out Eternal Sunshine and share your thoughts below.

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Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar

Flying Lotus’ jazzy collaboration with Kendrick Lamar is awesome. It’s great that Lotus is introducing the youngins to jazz. The upbeat tempo puts you in a good mood. However, when listening to the lyrics and seeing the visual, you find yourself torn between sadness and happiness. Though the premise of the story, is dark, it’s very moving. Two kids, who died, dance their way to heaven. While their relatives mourn, they are full of joy. Very interesting concept and great choreography.