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If You Love Hip-Hop Then You’ll Love The Film, “The World Is Yours”

“The World Is Yours” is a feature-length documentary on how Hip Hop’s use of the Internet revolutionized the music industry featuring Wiz Khalifa, Lil B, Odd Future and many others, narrated by Issa Rae from Awkward Black Girl. Check out the trailer:

I am proud to say that I had the pleasure of assisting the director, Marguerite de Bourgoing and Hip-Hop journalist, Rebbeca Haithcoat with a few of the interviews. Currently, they need funding to complete the film. Visit the TWIY Kickstarter page to find out more.

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LA Timez: I Danced in Lova Boy’s Music Video

I had the pleasure of dancing  in Lova Boy’s music video, “God Pickni (God’s child).”  Lova Boy aka “Prince of Belize,” is a Punta Rock artist that has quite a following in Belize and in Los Angeles’ Belizean community. In God Pickni, he deviated from  his party boy ways to express his faith to his fans.

We shot the video on one hot summer day in July and boy oh boy was it a lot of hard work.  We made sure we stayed hydrated and had fun. I left the shoot with a whole new respect for artists. Sometimes we get caught up in the results and don’t think about the time, blood, sweat and tears they put into a project.  So with that said, what good is hard work without sharing the goodies? Check out the visuals. Enjoy.

P.S. I am the dancer with the long braids.

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Music Break: Solange’s “Lovers In The Parking Lot”

Girl, I can definitely relate to this track. Check out Solange’s latest video for the single “Lovers In The Parking Lot.”

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My Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada

meMe. Smelling the flowers at Bellagio.

Just got back from Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday, and man am I tired. I really enjoyed myself; however, I am so glad to be home with my family. Now that I am all relaxed, it’s time to get back to living normally: working, eating properly, exercising, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, etc., etc., etc – yeah you know, all that healthy stuff.

This was my second visit to Las Vegas, Nevada and my sister’s first visit, so we wanted to see what else the city had to offer besides “The Strip.” Honestly, it was a very interesting experience. We talked to shop owners – locals who know exactly what’s going on besides the pure hype of the big gambling city; We visited University of Las Vegas, the arts district, Fremont Experience (aka Old School Las Vegas), and ate the most delicious Thai food.