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The Pearl Mic Exclusive: Sister Souljah Talks New Book, “A Deeper Love Inside” and more


It has been nearly 13 years since author, rapper, activist, Sister Souljah, released her gritty novel, The Coldest Winter Ever. Fans have waited so patiently for the sequel, A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story. Readers will finally find out how Winter’s younger sister, Porsche, is handling the demise of her kingpin father and separation from her family.

For our first official interview for 2013, Sister Souljah took some time out of her schedule to share why it took so long to release the sequel, and what she hopes readers will learn from the story.

The Pearl Mic: It has been almost 13 years since the release of The Coldest Winter Ever. You released two awesome books in between (Midnight and Midnight and the Meaning of Love), but why did you leave fans waiting so long for the sequel, A Deeper Love Inside?

Sister Souljah: I began writing A Deeper Love Inside:The Porsche Santiaga Story right after The Coldest Winter Ever was published and becoming adored by readers all around the globe, and in those closed in places that we sometimes forget, like prisons and hospitals and so on.

I wrote about 125 Porsche pages before I laid my pen down and turned my attention to Midnight. I thought I needed a novel that was as powerful or more powerful than the Coldest Winter Ever, but from a male point of view. It did not take a genius to see that we were having a crisis in manhood, masculinity and maleness in our communities and hoods across the globe. We were experiencing more than 80% of our households without husbands or fathers and millions of our fathers, brothers, sons being routinely incarcerated. Meanwhile the murder rate was through the roof. If it was not the racist cops killing our men, or the racist citizens, it was us killing us. So Midnight, A Gangster Love Story and Midnight And The Meaning Of Love are two books that are crucial for our sons and men. Only women who don’t want, need and or love real men who are true, will hide those two Midnight books from their sons/brothers, men and fathers. Women who don’t want to be constructively criticized will discourage others from reading Midnight. Because after actually reading Midnight, both books. we women and we men definitely can not avoid becoming clear in our real lives.

Besides, all of the women who read The Coldest Winter Ever were in love with Midnight anyway. So why not give everyone, including myself, what we wanted!

Porsche is here now and she’s right on time and swinging from a whole other angle and taking readers on a crazy-unique- adventure in the pages of A Deeper Love Inside:The Porsche Santiaga Story.

TPM: What do you hope people, especially young women, will learn after reading the novel?

SS: I hope readers will learn that even when you/we are in an “impossible,” situation, we should think of more options than just the ones that are gonna get us in “a deeper and more fucked up hell.” Porsche is a down, but she’s not out. Her young and creative mind and wild imagination saves her life. More than anything this new joint is deep—deep feeling—fast moving—completely original and unique. It will be no way readers won’t learn a whole heap of real things that can be used in real life.

TPM: You know, many of us fell so deep in love with Midnight, not only for his good looks and charm, but his chivalry, discipline and unbreakable passion for love and family. What advice do you have for women who are single and wanting a Midnight of their own?

SS: If you want your own Midnight, read both Midnight books so you can see what a strong hot hearted man who is true, might admire. Midnight liked beautiful women who were strong but modest, a woman he could admire, lust and respect. A woman who is not cold on the inside, and is capable of loving and being loved. A woman who can recognize truth and embrace it and become it.

Midnight’s definition of “sexy,” was very much the opposite of what “American sexy,” means and projects. Midnight was comfortable surrounded by powerful woman because he has a powerful mother who is very modest, beautiful and extremely talented and hard working. She expresses her deepest love by the way she cares for her family.

TPM: Will your fans ever get to see Coldest Winter Ever –THE Movie?

SS: I am still taking meetings on The Coldest Winter Ever, the film version—which is depressing to my readers. However, I think it is a good sign. When it comes it will etch out a completely new genre in film, God willing.


TPM: Since this is a music blog, we want to know if you ever considered releasing new music. Are you tempted to hit the studio again?

SS: A true emcee never divorces his mic. I recorded a new cd after my first cd (360 Degrees of Power). I simply never released it. [Fun fact: Sister Souljah was once a member of Public Enemy.]

TPM: What is your take on women in hip-hop today?

SS: I don’t think about women in todays hip-hop.

TPM: Our motto is to be bold, beautiful and brilliant. What is your take on what it takes to embrace one’s boldness, beauty, and brilliance?

SS: To be bold and beautiful is to be a woman of faith who is modest, elegantly “soul-ed,” and compassionate.

Sister Souljah and Jada Pinkett-Smith at Festival of Books, 2011.

Sister Souljah and Jada Pinkett-Smith at Festival of Books, 2011.

TPM: When you are not busy writing, doing book tours, teaching lectures or traveling for book tours, what do you do for fun?

SS: The things I do for fun are personal to me. However, I have fun in this life, love genuine laughter, love brilliant minded and talented women as friends, adore strong and true men, love the light and energy swirling around the youth. I love all things related to the good life, such as love, friendship, music, food, art, literature, and am most in love with beautiful languages and learning.



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Words of Advice from Devi Dev, Host of MTV’s Hip Hop POV x Radio Personality

Like us, Devi Dev, host of MTV’s Hip Hop POV and co-host on Sirius XM’s Sway in the Morning, is a music lover, jokester, incessant chatterer and career woman. She is building an empire in a male dominated industry with a million-dollar smile, and still finds time to get married, travel and spend time with her loved ones.

The bubbly Los Angeles native was nice enough to give some quick insight on confidence and love.

Our motto is to “Be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant. Give us your perspective on what it takes to be a bold, beautiful and brilliant woman.

Fearlessness! Be fearless in your belief’s, paths and actions. Not being scared of what people think and not being scared of fully being yourself at all times is what I consider to be beautiful, bold and brilliant about myself and what I find BBB in others.

Also, what tips can you give the single ladies about finding true love?

For single ladies i’d say enjoy being single! Right when I was at the peak of fully loving and embracing being single and quality time with myself…love smacked me across my face. I always found it cliche when people said things like “Love happens when you’re not looking” but I’ve found it to be the truest thing. If I hadn’t been fully comfortable being by myself and in love with myself first…I wouldn’t have been ready for love when it found me. So ladies…enjoy your me time!

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Meet ‘n’ Greet Q&A: Lauren Housley –The R&B Soultress of Manchester

We had the pleasure of getting to know another promising musician for this round of Meet ‘n’ Greet, the lovely Lauren Housley. The singer/songwriter who hails from Yorkshire, England is dubbed as the “new dominant force” in Manchester’s live music circuit. After listening to her recently released EP, One Step Closer, we found out why. Here is a little teaser:

Her vocals carries the tones of retro-classic soul with the spirit of sultry blues.

Lauren took some time out to share what led to her becoming one of Manchester’s most sought-after musicians,  and what she plans to bring to the music scene worldwide.

The Pearl Mic:  You are highly admired in Manchester’s live music scene, but some of us here in the United States are new to your music. Share with our readers what you plan to bring to the music scene.

Lauren Housley: I love writing good, honest songs that I think people can really relate to. Performing live is also a big part of my life, and I always like to put on the best show possible. I would love to bring my live shows to the states…if you would have me.

TPM:  When did you realize that you wanted to dedicate your life to singing and songwriting?

LH: I have always had a passion for singing and songwriting, but when I was younger I faced a huge battle with confidence, which meant that these skills were confined to my bedroom. Thanks to the encouragement of my co-writer, at the age of 18, I was able to overcome these issues and move on with my career. I haven’t looked back since!

TPM:  The snippet that we’ve heard of your album, One Step Closer, sounds really good. It is one of those albums that will sound magnificent live, and what’s amazing is that you recorded the album in 3 days. How did you do it? Can you say that your live singing experience made the recording process flow easily?

LH: The concept for the EP came just under a year ago and we started writing pretty much immediately. The songs were selected around December last year and we were in the studio by the last week of January 2012. The rhythm section was recorded live to tape, then everything else you hear was recorded afterwards. I would definitely say my experience of live singing helped the process, as I wanted the vocals to have a real live feel anyway so it was just a case of capturing the moment.

TPM:  What do you hope your fans will take away with them after listening to One Step Closer?

LH: I really hope that people who listen to the EP get an idea for who I am as a singer and songwriter. The recordings are a “what you hear is what you get” kind of vibe, no overdubbing, no autotune…..just the songs, my voice and the wonderful musicians that made this record possible.

TPM:  The Pearl Mic motto is to “Be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant. Give us your perspective on what it takes to be a bold, beautiful and brilliant woman.

LH: I would say being confident is key to all three. Believing in all you do and not being afraid to be yourself.

TPM:  Are there upcoming projects or cool hobbies you’d like to share with our readers?

LH: I love to shop for vintage clothing items, and then reinvent them into something that will work in my live show…..

A lot of my time is spent working on new material with my co-writer Thomas Dibb, with the intention of recording a full length Album…..Stay tuned.

We love new talent, and we are excited to see her career blossom. We think Los Angeles will love her just as much Manchester.

You can catch Lauren on these parts of web:



Twitter: @laurenhousley

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out One Step Closer on iTunes:

Meet 'n' Greet

Meet ‘n’ Greet: Rhea “Rhea Bea” Roberts– This Radio DJ Adds Spice to Life

Rhea “Rhea Bea” Roberts is a Los Angeles-based Radio DJ/Journalist who seeks adventure every chance she gets. If she’s not behind the mic interviewing your favorite stalk-worthy celebrities, she may be doing something awesomely random like flying a plane (or jumping out of one). Now that the chatty-Laker-loving-Hampton alumni has worked for well-known LA radio stations, such as Power 106 and 102.3 KJLH, she is beginning to branch out worldwide with her own online radio show, No U Ain’t Radio.

We were able to steal a little bit of her precious time to get her secret on love, what makes her bold and daring and her perspective on the radio industry.

The Pearl Mic: Tell me if I am right or wrong, but I would describe you as an adventure seeker. You skydive, you are actively working on getting your pilot’s license and you recently completed the Los Angeles Marathon. What propels you to do these feats that many people are afraid to do?

Rhea Bea: I am definitely an adventure seeker….a daredevil. I get that from my parents. They’ve both always been extremely active. Some of my friends think I’m crazy, but I’ve always found interest in doing things that are out of the ordinary or that most people are too scared to try. lt’s more of me challenging myself to see what I can accomplish.

TPM: You’ve worked in the radio business for quite a few years; knocking out many accomplishments. What originally sparked your interest in the radio industry?

RB: It’s funny. I’ve always been passionate about writing and music, but my first two years in college I was a Biology major. I initially wanted to be a physical therapist. Crazy right? I was completely bored and, although I was getting good grades, I had little interest in what I was studying. One day on my way to one of my lab classes I saw a sign that a local radio station was holding auditions for on-air personalities. I auditioned and ended up landing a show. The next semester I switched my major to Broadcast Journalism. I received the call that I landed my first Los Angeles radio gig the day before I graduated.

TPM: So you are a part of the hilarious, talented crew, No U Ain’t Radio, which to us, seems more like a movement than just a typical radio show. How did the title of the show come about?

RB: I love that you think we’re hilarious and talented! It’s definitely a movement. No U Ain’t Radio came about while I was working at a popular radio station in Los Angeles with Doc, Big PWee and DJ Smoooth Dee, who are all part of the No U Ain’t crew. We were so blessed to have the opportunity to work at that station, first of all because it was owned by Stevie Wonder, who is probably the coolest boss you could ever have, but secondly because we learned so much about the business. However, when you’re working for somebody else you don’t always have as much freedom as you would have if you were working for yourself. I have a creative mind, and I felt like a lot of my ideas weren’t being heard. After awhile I felt like there wasn’t anymore room for growth, so collectively, Doc, P-Wee, Smooth and I created an outlet for ourselves to play the music we want to, interview the artists and celebs that we want to, and talk about what we want. Initially the show was pre-recorded and could only be seen and heard on YouTube. A couple of months into recording the show it was picked up by Urban Soul Radio, and it airs in over 138 countries, so we’re extremely happy. The website just kind of started as a blog to post our webisodes and it took off. We didn’t know how big it had become until we saw celebs like Spike Lee and Tyrese tweeting it. We were like WHOA!

It’s so random how the title came about. A few years ago I was hosting an event called ‘Girls Rock Too’ and Doc was there with me. One of the performers (who is actually a good friend of mine) grabbed the mic and started singing the intro to her performance, which was “When I step on the stage I’m a thrilla…” She sounded really good, but some drunk guy in the back yelled out “NO U AIN’T!”. I don’t think she heard him, but the phrase became an inside joke between Doc and I. Our motto is ‘We Tell It Like It Is…Not Like It Was’. We’ve built our fan base off of people appreciating our honesty. The name just kind of made sense for our vision.

TPM: What do you think about the future of “urban” radio in LA and where does No U Ain’t Radio fit in?

RB: It depends on what your definition of Urban radio is. In Los Angeles, the urban audience isn’t predominantly African-American…it’s Latin, so there are several stations that cater to and will continue to cater to the Urban community: Power 106, KDAY, Latino 963, AMP, HOT 92.3, KIIS FM.

If you’re talking about Urban radio as far as music that black folks listen to and on-air personalities that cater to a black audience, it’s almost non-existent in Los Angeles right now, with the exception of KJLH. Los Angeles has the 8th largest black market in the country, but there probably aren’t even 8 black on-air personalities on AM/FM radio out here. Being that we’re in the age of satellite radio, online radio and radio smartphone applications, I’m not sure if that aspect of radio in Los Angeles will ever revive itself.

No U Ain’t Radio isn’t focused on just being heard in Los Angeles. Being that we’re online, we are able to be heard anywhere, which has broadened our fan base. We have listeners on the other side of the country and overseas that we never would have been able to reach if we were just based in Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for there to be a localized station similar to 92.3 THE BEAT in the ’90s, but I just don’t think that’s in the stars right now.

TPM: We all know that the entertainment industry is dominated by men. Have there been times where you found yourself intimidated? And if so, how did you overcome it?

RB: I can’t say I’ve ever been intimidated by all of the testosterone. I grew up around a lot of guys. I was always that chick that was more into sports than clothes and make-up, so it wasn’t a huge transition for me to be surrounded by fellas. I have a lot of “big brothers” who have my back.

TPM: If you weren’t a DJ you would be _____.

RB: somewhere working with Magic Johnson picking his brain. I love that man!

TPM: The Pearl Mic motto is to “Be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant. Give us your perspective on what it takes to be a bold, beautiful and brilliant woman.

RB: Bold, beautiful and brilliant is all in your attitude and the way you carry yourself. I think it’s exerting a confidence about yourself that makes people admire and respect you. It’s not being afraid to be you.

TPM: You have recently gotten engaged. Congrats again. Any tips for the single ladies out there looking for true love?

RB: Thank you. Ladies…I know this sounds cliche but it will hit you when you LEAST expect it, so you don’t even have to look for it. When I met my fiance I was focusing on everything but being in a relationship. Men are attracted to women who are handling their business, so don’t drop everything you’re doing to make your life revolve around a man. That’s a BIG mistake a lot of women make.

TPM: Do you have any future adventures or projects coming up?

RB: I’m actually working on a book. I don’t want to release the title just yet, but lets just say it will show people a completely different side of me.

Be sure to visit No U Ain’t Radio for updates on news, entertainment and sports. You can hear Rhea and her crew every Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. (PST) on Get updates on Rhea’s greatest adventures by following her on Twitter @rheabea.

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Meet ‘n’ Greet: Elisabeth Ouni–The Dream Chaser

Do not let this sweet face fool you, Elisabeth Ouni is fierce. Not in a corny Tyra-Banks-pursed-lips-finger snap kind of way. Fierce in a way that commands one’s attention without much effort; diligence that gets the job done; and enough confidence to laugh at herself and still reach for the stars.

As the founder and creator of No Balls, No Glory; A Polaroid Story, the Belgian belle takes her readers through a whirlwind of tales about her success or attempts to get a Polaroid photo of her favorite musicians, producers or other talented movers-and-shakers.


Pharrell Williams

Mark Ronson



Erykah Badu

Jay Electronica

Va$htie Kola

Ouni makes it very clear that she is not a journalist, photographer or groupie, but her thrill merely comes from being a fan who is able to capture private moments with her favorite celebrities. Since Polaroid instant film and cameras have been defunct for more than 3 years now, this makes her photo series even more precious.

When Ouni is not chasing down one of her favorite emcees, she uses her skills learned as a former model to build her blossoming business Ouni Inc., where her various roles includes photographer, art director, producer and videographer. Such as–

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

That’s why we were more than thrilled that Ouni moved from behind her camera for a moment to share her thoughts on what it takes to live her dreams and how she will not stop pursing them until the last wish is checked.

The Pearl Mic: The concept of your blog was created out of your love for music, Polaroids and great storytelling. In a previous interview you said that your friends helped encourage you to launch it. How important are your friends when making vital choices in career, love life, etc.?

Elisabeth Ouni:When I told my very early blog adventures to my friends I noticed they hung on every word I told them, but it was actually a Belgian magazine chief-editor (who I randomly contacted via mail to see if he [had] tickets for the Snoop Dog concert I wanted to attend) who told me that although he could not help me with the free tickets, he encouraged me to write my stories down, since he enjoyed reading my mail in between the pile of mails he got that day and he told me I got skills for writing.

Friends are those awesome people you want to have around you to share the good times and hopefully bear with you when you’re having a hard time and support you no matter what you do in life and tell you the truth when you need it. You can always support your friends and be there for them, but at the end of the line, everyone has to make the right decision what is best for them in their career, love and life. Friends are their to support you no matter what decision you make.

TPM:Since you deal with a lot of great hip hop artists for your stories, you make a distinctive point to let readers know that you are not a groupie. Why do you think that you need to explain yourself?

EO: {laughs} Well, I also state that I’m not a journalist nor a photographer because when I started my blog a few years ago, if you were not in one of those 3 categories, it is very hard for a regular person, meaning, a person who just listens to the radio and sees her favorite artists only on music videos or a concert here and there, and who decides that she wants to take a Polaroid picture of Pharrell Williams one day, that world seemed a bit locked for me and I felt that I had to state the fact that if you come from that point of view, it really isn’t a walk in the park to get those Polaroids. And trust me, sometimes it still isn’t.

At that time, bloggers were slowly coming up, but the only people I saw who were entitled in that backstage environment were actual journalist and writers, concert photographers and yes, the girls, who somehow popped up from occasion to occasion. (And not necessarily always in the cliché kind of way) .But in all honesty, in the few years I’m doing this blog now, I have rarely seen something out of the box. Or maybe I’m just not around when that shit happens.

TPM: You openly admit that you are a really shy person, where does your daringness to literally chase down some of your favorite musicians come from?

EO:I’m shy when I’m put in a situation where I have to open up real fast to people I don’t really know. With the blog I ironically put myself in that situation every single time. You only have one chance to get what you want and then you have to convince an artist/entourage to take you into their environment. I had to learn how to do that in a way. This blog has been a learning process for me when it comes to being assertive in situations and not giving up. I write about it, to also tell people that they don’t have to think that I’m walking everywhere guns blazing with like a waterfall of self-confidence and that it is just human to turn red and stutter and fall over your feet. It’s the Bridget Jones part in me that I’m trying to embrace.

TPM: The Pearl Mic motto is to “Be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant. Give us your perspective on what it takes to be a bold, beautiful and brilliant woman.

EO: As a woman, I think it means that you have to try and love yourself foremost, no matter how you look like because you project that to the outside, that you have to figure out what you really want in this lifetime and try to pursue that with a passion, in both career and family life and trying to be gracious along the way. And try to be as independent as you possibly can.

TPM: Outside of Polaroid Story, you have your hands in many hats: photographer, journalist (even though you don’t admit it), producer, art director. How are you able to do it all?

EO: The blog is something I started on the side. It’s not my fulltime profession.
I wish! It’s a passion that went out of control. I still don’t consider myself a journalist, because I have a profound respect for that profession. I just use my basic Q&A high school skills when I have the chance to do an interview with an artist. In that way I can provide something extra for my readers.

So besides the blog I have spent the last few years with different projects that kind of organically came into my life via work. After I stopped working for a press agency I worked almost 2 years for, I had some time to think where I wanted to go professionally in my life. I started to take more pictures, I started to use the camera and make little snippet movies, I started to produce photoshoots to help out friends, I became more and more interested in online media and the platform possibilities it can offer.

I trust that time will show me in what direction I need to go but for the meanwhile If I feel like executing it an idea, and I have the time, energy & enthusiasm for it. I’ll do it. You learn a lot from simply executing ideas.
I still feel that I’m in a experimental phase and I still have a lot to learn.

TPM:You stop modeling because you were dissatisfied with that profession. What are you content with doing for the rest of your life?

EO: I became dissatisfied with modeling being the only thing in my life, and I didn’t want to fall for the trap to chase top model dreams that are simply not meant to be. I still love to shoot but I’m very happy that I decided to explore other qualities I had and that I wanted to learn and evolve in. I don’t have a diploma, so if you only have modeling on your resume, and you stick too long with it, you might miss out on very use full work opportunities that you’ll need if you want a proper job and you don’t have that necessary degree to be considered. By that time I did the modeling and I worked in a bar and I didn’t want that to be my only options, so I decided to quit the fulltime modeling aspirations and started to look for a job where I could grow in.

I think I’ll be a very happy girl If I could keep doing what I do now, and evolve from one thing to the other, meet new people, and have the possibility to travel from time to time and make a small living out of it.

TPM:Any upcoming projects that you would like to share?

EO:I’ll still continue to write my stories of course. I carefully made the decision to take the blog out of the virtual and into the real world by throwing a party or 2 -maybe 3 – in 2011. Very curious how that will work out, because again, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I even consider to write about that progress.

And, I’m doing something really exciting together with the Japanese brand Onitsuka Tiger in a few months…something I’m very happy with, because it’s the first real collaboration with a brand for A Polaroid Story and I’m very honoured that they considered me.

Visit A Polaroid Story for Ouni’s super cool updates and feel free to tweet her too.

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Meet ‘n’ Greet: Indigo Charlie

Indigo Charlie is the epitome of The Pearl Mic motto: Be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant.

While most 19 year olds are trying to figure what the heck they want to do with their lives, this curly-haired, tambourine lovin’ beauty, has her career blueprint mapped out. Her resume already reads like a veteran: Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) Visual Communications student, Solange Knowles’ former personal assistant, public relations assistant, stylist, and singer/songwriter. Indigo learned at an early age that success comes with hardwork, dedication, consistency and being “fly” at all times.

We were more than thrilled that Indigo took time out of her busy schedule to share the secrets of her success thus far.

The Pearl Mic: You became familiar with the music industry as an assistant; now you are on the forefront. What have you learned so far as a musician that you would not have learned as a celebrity assistant?

Indigo Charlie: First, I want to say thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I am really appreciative of your time. When it comes to the music industry I’ve actually been around it my whole life. When my dad was alive he had his own record label and my mom has been in the industry for almost 20 years. My mom’s co-workers would always see me in the office and the older I got the more I wanted to intern and be apart of the industry. Once I was old enough, my mom, a publicist, started taking me to her shoots, red carpet events, award shows… etc and I would hand out press packs or help with whatever was needed. I guess you could say I was her assistant before anyone else. Hard work, loyalty, confidentiality, and quick thinking would definitely be the main things I learned over time from my mom, which definitely helped me when I started working for other people.

TPM: I’ll Never Change is getting decent traction which makes people want to hear more of your music. How is the Debut EP coming along?

IC: The EP is definitely coming along great. I have a different process than some, so I’m going a little slower with it. When it comes to my music I’m very particular when it comes to the feeling. I’ll do a take of a lyric 100 times if the feeling isn’t right. And sometimes I love the feeling the first time I sing it… some of my lyrics end up being from my demo take. My second song “On The Edge,” produced by The CoStars should be out late January. It is in the mixing process and will be accompanied by a beautiful video we just shot with photographer Carmen Chan who directed the Never Change remix, “I’ll Never Change.” I’m very excited to share it and I hope I make people feel even more this time around.

Indigo with music producers, The CoStars

TPM: How are the record labels reacting to your music?

IC: The reaction to “Never Change” and “I’ll Never Change” has been amazing so far and the labels have an eye open, but they also want to see consistency, growth and more than one song, so right now they are saying, “Get a couple more songs recorded and let’s talk. We are watching you.” It really is a blessing to receive the recognition I have off of one song, which most people don’t know is my first song EVER in life. Before “Never Change” I had never heard myself on the mic or recorded in a studio, so I’m still on a cloud unable to believe it all. It’s amazing and I’m so appreciative. This is what I’ve always wanted to do, and now I’m actually living it.

TPM: The tambourine is one of the prominent instruments in your first single, Never Change. In a previous interview you stated that the tambourine is your favorite instrument. What drew you to it?

IC: Awww, my love for the tambourine…it makes me smile every time I hear it. I love the tambourine because it’s the truest form of beautiful sadness. Such a beautiful sound the tambourine makes, but it can make the saddest song feel even sadder in a different way than maybe a low chord on the guitar would. The tambourine, to me, is more suggestive and almost a surprise when you hear it in a sad song, especially because most recognize the tambourine as a happy instruments that you dance and shake to. I find it so fascinating and the fact that I can play it and never be wrong is a plus.

TPM: You seem very confident and sure of yourself. How do you maintain a strong sense of self and happiness in the music and fashion industry on a daily basis?

IC: I was really lucky to discover who I was and what I wanted to be at a younger age than most, so I definitely think that now I’m comfortable. I move through life knowing the moves I want to make and what makes me happy and I take steps every day towards those goals. I work very hard toward my future that makes me happy. When you find what makes you happy and what it takes to stay happy, you tend not to put yourself in situations that would alter that. Honestly, finding myself has helped me stay focused. I am on a path and journey that no one could alter but me; I am in control of my surroundings and self.

Image by Carmen Chan

TPM: How do balance your love life along with your busy schedule?

IC: I don’t balance it, because it is nonexistent (laughs). Right now, I’m in love with the journey I’m on and that doesn’t mean there is no place for a hautesauce boy, but for now he just isn’t a priority. If he comes along and knocks me off my feet, I’ll find a way to work it all in… I’m not looking for it, I’m not running from it either though.

TPM: The Pearl Mic motto is to “Be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant. Give us your perspective on what it takes to be a bold, beautiful and brilliant woman.

IC: I love that. I have a similar motto “Be beautiful. Be pure. Be fly.” It’s even part of a tattoo I have… When it comes to being bold I would say it takes speaking up and expressing what’s on your mind in a classy manner. When it comes to being beautiful I believe it starts with the insides and eventually your outsides will be contagiously drop-dead. When it comes to being brilliant I think it takes out of the box thinking, dedication and hard work, which anyone could do if they truly desire to. Everyone can “Be bold, beautiful, and brilliant.” It’s definitely a choice.

Image by Carmen Chan

TPM: In our opinion, you could be a rockstar, run a record label, launch a clothing line or head a top notch fashion publicity firm. If you could choose between those four, which would you choose?

IC: Doing it all is my plan. I’ve always had that mentality “If you’re not doing it all, then you’re not really doing it.” My plan is to share my soul with people through music and have a rewarding fashion career. Picking one is not an option. I can have it all.

TPM: What advice would you give someone who feels hopeless–like their dreams will never come true?

IC: Pray on it. If you’ve arrived at that place and stay stuck in it your dreams will never come true. The devil is a liar! Your dreams can and will be your reality. Hopelessness is a dream killer, don’t allow that feeling to stay within your heart for a minute longer. Keep positive. Believe. Trust. Never stop trying.

TPM: Lastly, we have to show our fashionistas and fashinistos some love. As an aspiring trendspotter, what trends do you foresee being hot this spring/summer?

IC: During my time at New York Fashion week, I saw a lot of neutrals on the runway. The colors were definitely soft, clean, refreshing, and airy. Along with neutral colors I saw a lot of layering and long flowing fabrics, which I found interesting because a lot of the time people start to get shorter and shorter in preparation for summer. So, fashionistas and fashionistos bust out your neutrals, long thin sweaters, and maybe try a long wide leg trouser. Beautiful girls, throw on your favorite stilettos–the higher the better is my belief–and rock any style YOUR way. Individuality will never go out of style.

Maybe we should add motivational speaker to her list of accomplishments because we are definitely inspired. Get updates on Indigo Charlie here:

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