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My visit to Diane von Furstenberg’s, ‘Journey Of A Dress’ exhibit

When I first entered the showroom displaying the 40 years worth of Diane von Furstenberg designs, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I had to do a few laps around the exhibit in order to take in all of the designs. Here are my favorite shots:

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LA Timez: I Danced in Lova Boy’s Music Video

I had the pleasure of dancing  in Lova Boy’s music video, “God Pickni (God’s child).”  Lova Boy aka “Prince of Belize,” is a Punta Rock artist that has quite a following in Belize and in Los Angeles’ Belizean community. In God Pickni, he deviated from  his party boy ways to express his faith to his fans.

We shot the video on one hot summer day in July and boy oh boy was it a lot of hard work.  We made sure we stayed hydrated and had fun. I left the shoot with a whole new respect for artists. Sometimes we get caught up in the results and don’t think about the time, blood, sweat and tears they put into a project.  So with that said, what good is hard work without sharing the goodies? Check out the visuals. Enjoy.

P.S. I am the dancer with the long braids.

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Snail Mail Drop: Snoop Lion Reincarnated Documentary and Album

Shout-out to Stampede Management for sending over Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated documentary and album. The documentary was a hit at the 2013 South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW), so I look forward to seeing the evolution from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion, and hearing the reggae-influenced album in its entirety.


Special thanks to Tiffany Chin.

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LA Timez: Live Taping of American Idol Season 12 Finale


When your co-worker offers you a couple of tickets to a live taping of American Idol’s Season 12 finale show, what do you do? It wasn’t a tough choice at all, really. I chose to go. AI is one of the most prolific music shows in pop culture history, so I did not mind checking out what all of the hype was about. Plus, we at The Pearl Mic love live shows anyway, so it was an instant “yes, yes, yes!”

The day of the show, Thursday, May 16th, in downtown Los Angeles, between Pico and Olympic, the streets were bustling with police officers, security, AI fans, and AI staff carrying stiff folders and walkie-talkies. Since we already had our tickets, everything was easy breezy upon entry, and we had pretty decent seats. We got there an hour early, around 4:00pm, taping started at 5:00pm. The place was already packed with dedicated fans that brought posters with love-laced greetings for the judges and AI contestants. The show’s crew was milling about the place to make sure equipment was testing well for taping.

10 minutes before airing, the hypeman came out and prepped the audience for the live show. When Ryan Seacrest brought his pretty little self out, that’s when we knew the show was going to get started. Shortly, the judges were escorted out to the panel. Observations: Nicki Minaj is a mini cutie. Mariah Carey is stunning. Randy Jackson has a very unique sense of style. Keith Urban has amazing hair.

The performances were a lot of fun, everyone did a decent job, in my opinion. You see performances on television, but hearing them in person proves how talented these people are. The standout performances were Emeli Sandé and Amber Holcomb’s “Next To Me” duet. Don’t laugh or log off when I tell you this, but Psy was good too. In a clumsy cool way in his performance for “Gentleman”. Proving that he indeed is THE “mother-father-gentleman”! Jennifer Hudson and Candice Glover ‘s “Inseparable” duet was so soul-stirring I thought I was in church. Lastly, Angie Miller and Adam Lambert’s “Titanium” duet was phenomenal. Jesse J even hopped in on a duet with Angie, flaunting a new hairdo à la Amber Rose.

Other honorary highlights were appearances from Frankie Valli, Aretha Franklin, Travis Barker, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull.

All in all, I have much respect for the real superstars that we did not get to see — the lighting and set design crew. What is great about going to live tapings is that you see how great or awful a show can be right before your eyes. Each performance was like a fantastic light show. It was quite fascinating to see.

We were so disappointed that Mariah Carey and Keith Urban did pre-recorded performances. Oh, and Randy Jackson is leaving Idol. That’s all.

Honestly, throughout the taping, we knew that Candice Glover would win. Just got that vibe, and guess what, she did.

*Sorry we do not have photos, we were not allowed to take cameras and phones inside.

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LA Timez: A Few Shots from First Fridays at Abbot Kinney

I headed out to First Fridays at Abbot Kinney in Venice, Ca. with a few gal pals. Various food trucks, about 50, gathered for all of us truck chasers. With all of the tasty options, it was hard to settle on just one (especially since all of the lines are extremely long). We chose the Street Kitchen truck. It was almost an hour wait, but it was worth the wait. I got the Jerk Chicken Quesadilla! It does not look all that appealing in the photo below, but it was delicious.

Here are some random photos that I snapped while there:

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LA Timez: Our Visit to the Who Shot Rock & Roll Exhibit

Photo by Jean-Paul Goude[/caption]

Despite of the 104 degree heat that attempted to smother Los Angeles on Saturday, we made our way to the Who Shot Rock & Roll at The Annenberg Space for Photography. Upon entering into the cool of the space, we were immediately refreshed and inspired by the works of art displayed before us.

The exhibit showcased 166 original prints from gutsy shutterbugs such as Bob Gruen, Mark Seliger, Norman Seeff , Stephanie Chernikowski, Lynn Goldsmith, Jill Furmanovsky and many others. Each photo was placed in themes – “Starting Out,” “Album Covers, ” “Performance,”etc.—which channeled the way artists were portrayed on and off stage. What added the cherry on top to this event was the Who Shot Rock & Roll documentary. In that short film, it was Linda McCartney’s story that we were drawn to.

The story of a stunning, music-loving receptionist who by fate became a famous photographer; shooting music icons such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Janis Joplin and many other musicians.

Overall, Who Shot Rock & Roll is a great exhibit that brought everyone from baby boomers to curious college students in one room to celebrate the movers and shakers of Rock and Roll music.

Exhibit open now-October 21, 2012
The Annenberg Space for Photography
Century Park
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
telephone: 213.403.3000

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Highlights from Rachel Assil’s ‘The Opus Unplugged’ Album Release

Some of indie music’s brightest singers, songwriters and producers took over The Roxy on Sunset Strip Thursday night. Rachel Assil assembled a handful of  talented friends to celebrate the release of her album, The Opus Unplugged, such as Timothy Bloom, Tha Boogie, Dezi Paige and others.

As soon as we entered the venue, Timothy Bloom’s performance began.

With a voice like Donny Hathaway and the sex appeal of D’Angelo, he wooed the crowd. His equally awesome band and backup singers added to rhapsody that he stirred. A woman next to us couldn’t help herself and screamed, Timothy! Will you marry me?!” Yes, he was that mesmerizing.

Timothy Bloom with Dezi Paige

In between sets, DJ Paris Paul helped the crowd stay warmed up and interested. He was high energy the entire night with his mixes.

Ms. D-NICE, a percussionist/drummer, dubbed as the next Sheila E., did an on-the-spot performance where she timed her beats to every song that the DJ pumped out. The crowd went in a frenzy over her performance.

Shortly thereafter, Rachel Assil hit the stage.

Behind her Steinway & Sons piano, she belted out The Opus Unplugged, a sincere, soulful record touches on life, love, betrayal and deceit. “Cold Cold Coma” got the biggest reaction from the crowd. Definitely one of the standout tracks.

Make sure to get it on iTunes.

Tha Boogie finished off the fun-filled night.

Their energy level is off the charts!

Rachel hopped on stage to party with the duo.

We were all smiles and ringing ears afterwards. On our way out, we ran into Maya and Nandy of Heroine December.

Overall, great great great night. Supreme voices. Phenomenal music. Live music is everything!