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Nneka Performs “My Home” Live in Studio 360

Nneka stopped by Studio 360 to share the meaning behind her song lyrics and performed acoustic versions of her famous tracks. The Nigeria-born, Germany-based singer-songwriter is often compared to Bob Marley because of her raw political lyrics. In the interview she explained that “My Home” is about “the plight of Africa, because of our selfish behavior, the selfishness of our corrupt political leaders, the selfishness of Western countries that come and exploit Africa.”

Her second US album, Soul is Heavy, has just been released.

Cool Interviews

A Look Into Cassie Ventura’s Life

The Life Files hung out with the lovely Cassie for a year; covering the singer/model’s many appearances and projects. She even gave viewers a peek into her fabulous closet. That was exciting, especially knowing how much we love her style and all.