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My visit to Diane von Furstenberg’s, ‘Journey Of A Dress’ exhibit

When I first entered the showroom displaying the 40 years worth of Diane von Furstenberg designs, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I had to do a few laps around the exhibit in order to take in all of the designs. Here are my favorite shots:

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LA Timez: I Danced in Lova Boy’s Music Video

I had the pleasure of dancing  in Lova Boy’s music video, “God Pickni (God’s child).”  Lova Boy aka “Prince of Belize,” is a Punta Rock artist that has quite a following in Belize and in Los Angeles’ Belizean community. In God Pickni, he deviated from  his party boy ways to express his faith to his fans.

We shot the video on one hot summer day in July and boy oh boy was it a lot of hard work.  We made sure we stayed hydrated and had fun. I left the shoot with a whole new respect for artists. Sometimes we get caught up in the results and don’t think about the time, blood, sweat and tears they put into a project.  So with that said, what good is hard work without sharing the goodies? Check out the visuals. Enjoy.

P.S. I am the dancer with the long braids.

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From The Pearl Mic Inbox – Anita Nicole’s Ecstasy

Anita Nicole, a London-based singer-songwriter, dropped a gem into our inbox. The 19-year-old shared her new track Ecstasy, a single from her debut EP of the same name. Pulling from the roots of 90s R&B, the smooth track showcases her love-tinged vocals and mature perspective on relationships.

Having just completed her schooling at Brit of the Performing Arts & Technology, where Adele, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, and Jessie J honed their skills, she is ready to follow her predecessors footsteps.

Check out the track and let us know what you think:

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Flyy Style: Johnny Cupcakes East vs West: Battle of the Big Kid Emcees T-Shirts

Just when I thought the east vs west coast hip hop battle was coming to an end, Johnny Cupcakes adds more flour to the batter with the release of the East vs. West: Battle of the Big Kid Emcees T-Shirts. Johnny Cupcakes’ mascot, Big Kid, is transformed into iconic rappers Biggie, who reps the East, and Tupac, who reps the West. Seeing these rap legends as the rosy-cheeked, pot-bellied mascot simmers the beef and makes peace of the situation. You can pre-order your t-shirts here.

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{New Video} Quantic & Alice Russell’s Magdalena


Don’t judge by the money in the jar. It all depends on the person you are…”

“Magadelena,” the single, from Quantic and Alice Russell’s collaborative effort, Look Around The Corner is an upbeat ode to being true to yourself. The visual matches the inspirational tone of the song – full of beautiful and peaceful sceneries.

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Music-themed Jewelry by Monserat De Lucca

We couldn’t take our eyes from Monserat De Lucca’s music-themed jewelry. These adorable brass crafted trinkets is the perfect ice breaker for any occasion. Here are our favorites:

Music Break

Creepy Music Video Series: Kerli’s ‘Love Is Dead’

There is nothing scarier than a woman scorned. Kerli’s ‘Love Is Dead’ visual takes viewers through a transition of a young woman who decided to give up on love to her dying day.

Email us your favorite creepy music videos to