LIFE, Music Break

The Pearl Mic is Back

So, during my year-long hiatus from my little space on the web, I had time to think about what I wanted as a woman and as a media professional. After fasting from music and working a couple of marketing jobs, I realized that I REALLY enjoy writing and discussing music, film, food, and style. Lighthearted fun content that brings a smile to my readers’ faces. I like curating content that promotes creativity. With that said, I’ll be updating this blog with fresh content. It may take me some time to get a schedule going, but it’s going to happen.

Also, I am excited to announce that I helped launch a new music venture called MUSIK !D TV!

MUSIK !D TV is for the aspiring and independent musician. We are pulling back the veil of the music industry for the aspiring and independent musician. Our videos and blogs will provide transparent information about the business models for music stores or what we would now call streaming services. You will also read about current events in the market that would affect the music economy and the livelihood of aspiring musicians.
Stay tuned!



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