Music Break

Video of the WeeK: Sia – Chandelier

Maddie Ziegler, an 11-year-old cast member on Lifetime’s “Dance Moms,” delivers a jaw-dropping performance in Sia’s new “Chandelier” video. The talented preteen’s moves help explain the video’s popularity on the Web. In just a matter of days, it has scored more than 3 million views on YouTube. Sia, who remains off camera, deserves attention, too. The 38-year-old Aussie may be best known for the songs she’s written for others. Beyoncé’s hit “Pretty Hurts” and Rihanna’s “Diamonds” are both on her résumé. This time, it’s Sia’s turn at the microphone, while Ziegler — wearing a Sia-like blond wig — energetically jumps, kicks, and twirls around a creepy, rundown house. Critics have raved about the video, which was also co-directed by Sia. “It’s one of the best videos I’ve seen so far this year,” Dee Lockett wrote forSlate. “Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ video might have the best dance routine of the year,” Time posted. “We have already been pushing Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ as an early contender for Song of the Summer, and now that the full video has arrived we’re even that much more in love,” added VH1. The video is an unlikely — but impressive — collaboration. — Claudine Zap (@zapkidd) Yahoo!


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