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From Her Perspective: Stori – Singer-Rapper-Songwriter


Stori’s response to how a rapper who is white and female, responds to hostility:

“Well you know what, I’m sure it’s out there, but I haven’t really felt that specific hostility yet. But I think it’s just extra hard because obviously I’m white. And obviously I’m a girl, so it’s like a double thing, you know? I’ve just gotta go extra hard. But I think the music really speaks for itself. I’m not robbing people. I’m not speaking about how you need to hide your kids and hide your wives because I’m about to take everything up in here. (laughs). The stories are in the music. Just because I ain’t been to jail or I don’t have balls, people can connect to the music. So as long as people can find something to connect to, they can hate you if they want to, but they’re still going to talk about it. I just don’t pay attention to that.”

Read the rest of the interview on RESPECT.

Photo from Stori’s Tumblr

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