LA Timez

LA Timez: Live Taping of American Idol Season 12 Finale


When your co-worker offers you a couple of tickets to a live taping of American Idol’s Season 12 finale show, what do you do? It wasn’t a tough choice at all, really. I chose to go. AI is one of the most prolific music shows in pop culture history, so I did not mind checking out what all of the hype was about. Plus, we at The Pearl Mic love live shows anyway, so it was an instant “yes, yes, yes!”

The day of the show, Thursday, May 16th, in downtown Los Angeles, between Pico and Olympic, the streets were bustling with police officers, security, AI fans, and AI staff carrying stiff folders and walkie-talkies. Since we already had our tickets, everything was easy breezy upon entry, and we had pretty decent seats. We got there an hour early, around 4:00pm, taping started at 5:00pm. The place was already packed with dedicated fans that brought posters with love-laced greetings for the judges and AI contestants. The show’s crew was milling about the place to make sure equipment was testing well for taping.

10 minutes before airing, the hypeman came out and prepped the audience for the live show. When Ryan Seacrest brought his pretty little self out, that’s when we knew the show was going to get started. Shortly, the judges were escorted out to the panel. Observations: Nicki Minaj is a mini cutie. Mariah Carey is stunning. Randy Jackson has a very unique sense of style. Keith Urban has amazing hair.

The performances were a lot of fun, everyone did a decent job, in my opinion. You see performances on television, but hearing them in person proves how talented these people are. The standout performances were Emeli Sandé and Amber Holcomb’s “Next To Me” duet. Don’t laugh or log off when I tell you this, but Psy was good too. In a clumsy cool way in his performance for “Gentleman”. Proving that he indeed is THE “mother-father-gentleman”! Jennifer Hudson and Candice Glover ‘s “Inseparable” duet was so soul-stirring I thought I was in church. Lastly, Angie Miller and Adam Lambert’s “Titanium” duet was phenomenal. Jesse J even hopped in on a duet with Angie, flaunting a new hairdo à la Amber Rose.

Other honorary highlights were appearances from Frankie Valli, Aretha Franklin, Travis Barker, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull.

All in all, I have much respect for the real superstars that we did not get to see — the lighting and set design crew. What is great about going to live tapings is that you see how great or awful a show can be right before your eyes. Each performance was like a fantastic light show. It was quite fascinating to see.

We were so disappointed that Mariah Carey and Keith Urban did pre-recorded performances. Oh, and Randy Jackson is leaving Idol. That’s all.

Honestly, throughout the taping, we knew that Candice Glover would win. Just got that vibe, and guess what, she did.

*Sorry we do not have photos, we were not allowed to take cameras and phones inside.


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