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For the music junkies: Beats By Dre’s Pink Pill Wireless Speaker


If you love listening to music on the go, Beats By Dre has just released the cutest little music device that’s chic, portable and syncs with your phone. Beats have teamed up with Nicki Minaj to create the Pink Pill wireless speaker which is available for purchase exclusively at AT&T retail stores nationwide and online at Pink Pill has features you can use such as:

Big sound – This wireless and cord-free device produces powerful sound. You can hear soaring highs and deep booming bass in every room of the house.
Change tracks from your phone – Or your laptop, or any other Bluetooth®-enabled device from up to 30-feet away. You can roam, and always have high-quality sound near or far.
Portable – You can set up anywhere since it’s lightweight, and small enough to fit in whatever you’re carrying out the door.
Bluetooth conferencing – The Bluetooth capability and internal microphone allows you to take calls.

Price: $199. Also available in Red, Black and White.


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