Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week: Baauer – The Man Behind “Harlem Shake”

If you are constantly on the internet, you’ve probably seen a ton of Harlem Shake videos by now. After watching plenty of them myself, my first question was, who created that beat? I found out the man behind the trap-hip-hop-electro track is Baauer.

When I first heard “Harlem Shake” I thought of a particular dance that originated in the 1980s (where the harlem shakee does a two-step while shaking their shoulders and hips) making a comeback. Here is an example:

(Skip to the 2:09 mark)

More than two decades later, in steps Baauer, a baby-faced Brooklyn-based producer, who changed the entire meaning of the “Harlem Shake” with his infectious dance track by the same name:

The track is #1 on iTunes Charts, and people are literally going nuts about it. Everyday you’ll find a new Harlem Shake video, usually about 30 seconds long, with people in everyday settings such as a classroom, workplace, home, etc., get into a crazed frenzy when the beat drops in Baauer’s song. Take a look:

Images from Baauer’s Facebook

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