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Words of Advice: Jada Pinkett Smith


We are all afraid to be…alone.

I remember when I first read Will’s script, “I Am Legend”, the zombies didn’t scare me as much as the idea of being absolutely alone with MY demons did. In the past, I have used alcohol to hide from my demons, men to hide from my demons, even fame. It wasn’t until I was prepared to venture into my own “I Am Legend” to confront all of my demons that I actually became free. I was no longer afraid to be alone…with my pain.

It was the darkest time of my life, but my ability to be alone released my fears of abandonment. I no longer betrayed myself in order to keep people in my life, or status, or things. I no longer chose conformity over happiness. My truth was no longer jeopardized by the idea that it was more important for others to love me than for me to love myself.

The truth is…we are never alone, but it sure as hell feels that way during those times. When the time comes to make a decision to stand alone and look at yourself…take it. The journey ain’t easy, but…YOU’RE worth it!

-Jada Pinkett Smith – Actress, Singer, Film writer and producer

Source: Jada Pinkett’s Facebook

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