Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week: Jamie Foxx

“To me fame is like cocaine or whatever drug that a person does. It brings out whatever your personality is.”

The actor, singer, comedian, and radio host captured our attention in the 90s on the hilarious sketch comedy show, In Living Color. However, it was not until we saw him in person at the live taping of his sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show, that sparked the crush. We remember it like it was yesterday, a friend of a friend that worked behind-the-scenes invited us on set. As soon as we stepped on stage, there he was. Like dorks we were too nervous to speak, but we realized that the camera does him no justice because he is very good-looking in person. Little did we know that his success in comedy would lead him to the accomplished triple threat that he is today.

He is currently on an international publicity tour promoting Django Unchained (which is off the chain, by the way – pun intended). He is also set to work on various projects and a new album. Yup, hard work pays off.


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