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Ladies Who Rocked Sneaker Pimps Los Angeles 2012

The Pearl Mic crew headed out to the kick-off of Sneaker Pimps 2012 in Los Angeles at the Vanguard Nightclub.
As soon as we got inside, we headed to the stage to check out various performances by Hopsin, Starting 6, YP and many others. Since we represent girl power here at the Pearl Mic, we wanted to treat you to a few highlight photos of the ladies who rocked Sneaker Pimps.

Honey Cocaine:

In between acts, we  spotted  one of the event photographer’s Air Jordan 5 Retros. Oooohhh so pretty.

Then Iggy Azalea hit the stage:

Her Adidas wedged sneakers are hot!

We are disappointed we missed Nyemiah Supreme’s performance. She looked super cute though. Found a pic of her cute ‘fit.

Snaps of sneakers we spotted on our way out of the venue:

Here is my shoe attire for the event:

We ran into the founder of Sneaker Pimps, Peter Fahey, he was kind enough to let us snap a quick picture of him:

Hey, Peter.

That’s a wrap, ya’ll


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