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This beautiful photo of Kimbra, shot by Thom Kerr for Interview Magazine, is simply captivating. The New Zealand chanteuse has been pretty busy since her feature in Gotye’s colossal hit, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Now she is prepping for her first United States tour in support of her current album, Vows.

What she shared with Interview about “Somebody That Used To Know” blowing up worldwide:

It’s pretty crazy. I only started to realize how big the song is in the last six months because I’ve been so busy and so has Gotye. It’s not like we go online and check where it’s at every day. It’s more people telling us. You kind of get this feeling of, “Wow, this is really taking off.” I think the moment where I realized that was at Coachella. We went out to sing that song and I literally couldn’t hear myself sing because people were singing the song so loud. It really hit me that this song is connected to people in a way that a song maybe hasn’t in a long time. I feel pretty blessed to have been a part of it: that whole journey.

Vows is now available on iTunes.


Cool Pic of the Day: Kimbra in Interview Magazine (Plus a couple of videos)


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