Flyy Style

Santigold’s Colorful Shoot with Spin Magazine

I’ve always had dreams that come true and no understanding or control of it. It’s not until you learn to silence the clutter that you can pay attention to the coincidences.

[As a teenager] I didn’t see myself as a songwriter; I felt myself as a songwriter. I heard music, and I was writing down all the notes and composing it. But I didn’t know how to write music.

Realizing her unique power to bridge social cliques:

I was like, ‘I don’t have to be this way or this way or this way.’ I am really comfortable in all these environments and with all these different people. So I made it my business to find every scene in Philadelphia — house-music parties, college parties. I was a connector, because all these different people would never hang out together, but they’d be together with me. That’s what my music does. And that’s what I realized.

I feel like I am pop, but I don’t fit in this fucking formula, so nowadays, I don’t know what I am. People have been influenced by [me] and I’ve seen blatant rip-offs too, and that’s fine, because that’s what happens.

Photos by Márton Perlaki


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