Music Break

Stereomood: Create Playlists that Matches Your Mood

Yes, we all love our CDs and MP3 players, but even if you’ve created playlists within your library, you still find yourself skipping-skipping-skipping to find the right track that matches your vibe of the moment.

The founders of Stereomood hopes to eliminate one fumbling with their knick-knacks by creating free internet radio that handpicks songs that suits our mood or daily activities.

I am in a party mood so I clicked on “Let’s Party” and an array of funky new music that I’ve never heard of began to play crisp and clear. So if you want to listen to reggae, click on “Lost In Jamaica,” mon. If you are feeling lovey-dovey, click on “Make Love,” horn dog. If you feel a bit melancholy, click on “Sad,” (no crying now). The list goes on and on.

Stereomood is a fun, hassle free method to find new music.

Props to Lost At E Minor


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