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Watch Your Step! Anjuli Stars is Going to ‘Buss Shots’

Well, not literally. Before you watch this video Anjuli Stars wants you to know that “Buss Shots,” a single from her latest mixtape, Starvation Vol. 2, is not glorifying violence. The Miami native and Berklee College of Music graduate shared on her blog that “Buss Shots is not a violent record, on the contrary. It is about using lyrical expression to “shoot” someone’s ideas down. In this song, the idea is that this woman is not a priority in the eyes of the man she loves. She is in essence, shooting down that notion through song.”

Though Anjuli has 3 mixtapes out, “Buss Shots” is her first official music video.  In the video she plays four girlfriends– bossy, crazy, prissy and sporty — who drives down the highway, to the jazzy bass heavy StayBent Krunk-a-delic produced track, discussing relationship woes.

Here are fun facts about the track:
– The production was inspired by Nas’ record “Made You Look”
– The video pays homage to Alanis Morrisette’s 1998 classic music video “Ironic.”
– The song was written at Salaam Remi’s studio, Instrument Zoo

Starvation Vol. 2 is actually a solid record. Anjuli proves her talent as a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist . Take a listen:


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