Music Break

Dream Hampton Produces “The Russian Winter”–Set for Tribeca Film Festival 2012

Hip-Hop Journalist/Author/ Filmmaker Dream Hampton collaborated with director, Petter Ringbom, and music producer, John Forte as creative producer for the film The Russian Winter, a look into John Forte’s life after incarceration. The film will be one of the featured documentaries in Tribeca Film Festival 2012.


Born in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States and nominated for a Grammy at age 21 for his work on the multi-platinum Fugees album The Score, John Forté’s life has brought triumphs and adversity the likes of which few people have known. Forté was educated at the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy and then NYU, before his life changed dramatically in 2001 when he was convicted of drug possession and sentenced to 14 years in federal prison. But in 2008 Forté’s prison sentence was remarkably commuted and he was given a second chance to share his talents with the world.

As much an inspirational concert tour as it is a personal journey, The Russian Winter follows Forté and his band for three months to Moscow and beyond, where they collaborate with local musicians, perform for a host of unlikely audiences, and learn various ways to communicate with a foreign world. As for Forté, the trip may have begun with the goal of sharing music, but in the end it is just as much about hearing and learning from the music of others.

Director(s): Petter Ringbom
Producer(s): Le CASTLE
Editor: Petter Ringbom
Director of Photography: Petter Ringbom, Ian McAlpin
Executive Producer: Christophe Charlier, John Forté
Creative Producer: Dream Hampton
Primary Cast: John Forté, Alina Orlova, Sunsay, Brian Satz, Victor Logachev, Artemy Troitsky, Billy Novik, Zero People, Ryan Vaughn, Patrick Firth


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