Music Break

You Can Spin Vinyl Records and Mix & Scratch Music On Your Bike

The neat ideas are just a couple of the coolest ways to combine bike and music culture. A few designers are giving bike rides a whole new spin, literally and musically. Check them out:

Dutch designers Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong constructed a prototype of their Feats per Minute project, a bicycle that allows one to spin vinyl records on the wheels simply by cruising on it.

Turntable Rider, is a bike accessory that converts one’s bike into a live DJ console. Created by interaction artist Toshiyuki Sugai and DJ Baku, the goal was to blend BMX and DJ culture in Japan as well as encourage bike sharing in its crowded cities. The bike wheels, become jog wheels; the handbrakes become sound pads; and the handlebars contain a crossfader. If 6,000 people “Like” this product on Facebook then the company will mass produce worldwide.

Props to Lost At E Minor.


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