Music Break

Joy Denalane Sings Maureen in a Live Studio Session

Joy Denalane delivers “Maureen“, the title track on her latest album, with sultry and ease in this live studio session.The song, and overall album, is very personal to the German singer-songwriter. In her biography on her website, she shared an interesting fact:

“I was christened “Joy Maureen Denalane”. Maureen was my father’s first true love, the woman who he originally wanted to marry but who he ended up leaving behind in South Africa. By giving me “Maureen” as a middle name, my mother showed that she respected both him, her, and their relationship. She said, “I know about this woman, Maureen, and she has a place in our lives. Let”s name our first daughter after her.” For me though, “Maureen” is above all my middle name, the other side of me. The album name symbolises this duality, which at times is a real dichotomy: feeling like you are split in two halves which seem to be diametrically opposed. I wanted to express this conflict.”

Props to Okayplayer


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