Celebrity Overnight: Iggy Azalea’s Dazed Magazine Interview/Photoshoot

Iggy Azalea is featured in Dazed Magazine’s April Issue. The author, Caroline Ryder, did a good job of trying to uncover the mystic behind the LA-based rapper.  Iggy delves a little deeper into how Australia prepared her for life in the USA’s rap scene. Check out her photo spread, where she donned cutesy poolside outfits:

Everybody would laugh at me and be like, ‘You want to be American,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t want to be American. I’m Australian but I like this stuff. I was always outcast and didn’t have many friends, but once I connected with rap I just went for it super hard.

They’re like, ‘You’re white, you look like a model, you don’t look like you rap, nobody will get this. You need to be a little bit softer and more like, …pop,’ is what they said. And I was like, ‘This kinda sucks.’

[Los Angeles] is a hard city. People only love you here if you’re somebody to love. Otherwise nobody cares.

The New Classic, will be released in June.


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