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Hire Me: Va$htie Kola

This is what following your dreams looks like: Confident, collected, beautiful,and being funny doesn’t hurt either. Known as Downtown’s Sweetheart, Vashtie paved a path for herself that most women in the music industry are scared to touch. For instance, for more than a decade she has taken the music director seat and help create awesome videos hip-hop artists.The first video that launched her to the go-to director status was Us Placers featuring Kanye West, Pharrell Willams and Lupe Fiasco–

She is also owns and operates Violette

She also runs, hosts and promote the world famous 1992…this girl has a lot going! She makes busy look like a party and we can’t help but want to be invited VIP.


One thought on “Hire Me: Va$htie Kola

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